Providing exceptional delivery & consulting services for superior performance

Project Consulting Services


The project consulting side of the business works on opportunities with clients on a single focused area at a time.


Two of my most recent project consulting assignments resulted in a 10% transportation savings for a $48 million home fashions retailer, and another resulted in a 15% savings for a regional upscale appliance retailer just to name a couple.


Examples of project consulting would include opportunities such as:


  • RFP projects 
  • QIP programs and guidance 
  • Incentive program development 
  • Key metric programs and goals 
  • Site evaluations. 
  • P&L/Financial evaluations as it relates to logistics services 
  • Safe driving programs 
  • Workers compensation containment programs 
  • Team and staff training events 
  • Expert witness services 
  • Management evaluation 
  • New services implementation 
  • New startups 
  • Staff structure design 
  • Road surveillance training 
  • Budgeting 
  • Bid response assistance 
  • Pricing of new services 
  • Labor negotiations 
  • Operational close down services 
  • Route design 
  • Delivery mapping and zoning
  • and Much More



Interestingly it appears to most of my clients & prospective clients that the project consulting service program is a better value, in fact so far it has proven to be just the opposite. Take the example of the RFP that I recently working on, which took 12 days to complete from start to finish. Under the interim management agreement my client would have 3 days per month for 6 months with my focus being on all aspects of the delivery process. I could oversee the RFP and handle the high level negotiations, but delegate much of the clerical functions to existing client staff. So as interim management for an additional investment of maybe 6 days I improve many areas of warehouse & delivery, as well as the RFP. With the project management they obtain a new & competitive rate structure but lose out on the rest of the value I can bring.